Aven's Village at Island Grove Regional Park

Inclusive Playground Includes Music

Landscape Architecture by the City of Greeley

Musical instruments are located at ground level for easy access for children of all ages at Aven's Village in Greeley, Colo. In the sound garden, towering "Contrabass" chimes provide resonant tones while five tuned drums by Harmony Park offer an opportunity to set a steady beat. A custom music station offers four instruments in one location. A wooden marimba, steely metallophone, rain wheel and Brazilian hardwood tongue drum provide opportunities to harmonize with friends or to feel the music reverberate with every strike of the rubber mallet. Reminiscent of a large, native cottonwood stump, a log drum custom-built by Landscape Structures helps to tie the area to the playground theme.

Funded in part by Great Outdoors Colorado, Aven's Village opened in October 2016, and is Greeley's first all-inclusive playground geared toward people of all ages and abilities. It includes a mix of sensory, social and physical activities and allows for visitors with various levels of ability to experience similar equipment side-by-side. The all-inclusive concept takes play one step further than an accessible playground by incorporating many types of play such as physical, sensory and social activities that appeal to a broad range of users. 

Designed by Shane's Inspiration and the City of Greeley, Colo., Aven's Village works to provide a bias free environment for children with disabilities to play alongside typically-abled children. One of the unique elements found in the playground is the sensory garden located off of the main walking path. 

Instruments help to provide an additional element of play for children with disabilities, and can be especially enjoyed by children who are visually impaired.

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