New Products

  • 1 1/2 Inch SwitchBlade PRO Cutter

    1 1/2 Inch SwitchBlade PRO Cutter

    Professional Pipe Cutter with PTFE Coated Blade

  • 25' Steel Fish Tape

    25' Steel Fish Tape

    Compact design houses 25' of tape

  • 65' Steel Fish Tape

    65' Steel Fish Tape

    Great for fishing wire through conduit

  • Alligator Clips

    Alligator Clips

    Fully insulated

  • ArmorEdge Long Nose Wire Stripper

    ArmorEdge Long Nose Wire Stripper

    Cuts mild steel, brass, copper, and aluminum wire

  • ArmorEdge Wire Stripper

    ArmorEdge Wire Stripper

    Cuts mild steel, brass, copper, and aluminum wire

  • ArmorEdge Wire Stripper 2

    ArmorEdge Wire Stripper 2

    Cuts mild steel, brass, copper, and aluminum wire

  • Assorted Electrical Tape

    Assorted Electrical Tape

    Use for marking and coding wires

  • Automatic Wire Stripper

    Automatic Wire Stripper

    Blades cut insulation without nicking conductor

  • Automatic Wire Stripper & Crimper

    Automatic Wire Stripper & Crimper

    Multi-purpose Wire Stripper

  • Black Liquid Electrical Tape

    Black Liquid Electrical Tape

    Will not unravel or deteriorate like traditional tape

  • Black Spray Liquid Tape

    Black Spray Liquid Tape

    Seals and protects wire splice connections

  • Blazing Fast Fittings

    Blazing Fast Fittings

    Spiral Barb x 17mm Drip Coupling

  • Cable Clamps

    Cable Clamps

    Durable, crack-resistant plastic

  • Cable Cutter

    Cable Cutter

    Cuts soft copper and aluminum cable

  • Cable Wraptor

    Cable Wraptor

    Stainless steel hinge and spring to prevent rusting

  • Clamp Ground Rod
  • Clamp Meter

    Clamp Meter

    Precise True RMS Circuitry

  • Closed End Connector

    Closed End Connector

    Tin-plated seamless copper

  • Coaxial Staples

    Coaxial Staples

    Low Voltage Coaxial Cable Staples

  • Copper Crimp Connectors

    Copper Crimp Connectors

    Strong vibration resistance

  • Digital Multimeter

    Digital Multimeter

    Compact and lightweight

  • Digital Multimeter 2

    Digital Multimeter 2

    7 Function Digital Multimeter

  • Digital Multimeter 3

    Digital Multimeter 3

    8 Function AC/DC Digital Multimeter

  • DryConn Xtreme Waterproof Connector

    DryConn Xtreme Waterproof Connector

    Great for long term submersible applications

  • Electrician's Knife

    Electrician's Knife

    Tempered carbon-steel blades sharpen easily and hold their edge

  • Extension Cords

    Extension Cords

    Length: 25', 50' or 100'

  • Gorilla UF Cable Stripper

    Gorilla UF Cable Stripper

    Strips outer jacket in one motion

  • Hanger Strap

    Hanger Strap

    For hanging or fastening conduit, pipe or cables

  • High-Leverage Cutter

    High-Leverage Cutter

    Easily cut cable

  • Insulated Staples

    Insulated Staples

    Steel construction provides strength

  • Kit Terminal

    Kit Terminal

    In Re-useable Case

  • Low Voltage Tester

    Low Voltage Tester

    Electrical Tester

  • Metal Staples

    Metal Staples

    Made from steel for strength

  • Mini Cable Snake

    Mini Cable Snake

    High-impact housing resists breaking

  • Non-Contact Voltage Detector

    Non-Contact Voltage Detector

    Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Flashlight

  • Outlet Tester with Stud Finder

    Outlet Tester with Stud Finder

    Scans and locates wood or metal studs

  • Plastic Conduit Strap

    Plastic Conduit Strap

    Will not corrode like metal straps

  • Plastic Electrical Staples

    Plastic Electrical Staples

    Polyethylene saddles will not rust, rot or deteriorate

  • Ratcheting Cable Cutter

    Ratcheting Cable Cutter

    Easily sharpen blade

  • Repair Tape

    Repair Tape

    A quick fix during emergency repairs

  • Self Sealing Tape

    Self Sealing Tape

    Insulates and seals surfaces

  • Splice Butt Heat Shrink

    Splice Butt Heat Shrink

    Insulates and protects connections from wire pullout

  • Splice Butt Heat Shrink Kit

    Splice Butt Heat Shrink Kit

    Strong connections reduce wire pull out

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Self-locking ball mechanism

  • Stop Shock II

    Stop Shock II

    GFCI Outlet Circuit Analyzer Tester

  • Temporary High Bays Light
  • ToneProbe


    Tone and Probe Wire Cable Tracing Kit

  • U-Phase™ Wire Markers

    U-Phase™ Wire Markers

    Assorted Wire Markers

  • Underground UF Splice Kit

    Underground UF Splice Kit

    Accommodates waterproof splicing

  • UVB Cable Clamps

    UVB Cable Clamps

    Tough, durable, and extremely lightweight

  • Voltage Detector

    Voltage Detector

    Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Detector

  • Wire Marker Booklet 0-9

    Wire Marker Booklet 0-9

    Pocket-sized booklets of cloth

  • Wire Marker Booklet, 0-15, A-Z

    Wire Marker Booklet, 0-15, A-Z

    Pocket-sized booklets of cloth
    A-Z, 0-15, Symbols

  • Xtreme Cable Ties

    Xtreme Cable Ties

    Designed to perform in harsh environments