Lighting Multi-tool


• Compatible with all major landscape lighting brands
• 18 total tools
• Locking blades
• Lightweight compact style
• Precise construction
• Withstands extended use
• Quickly remove dust, dirt and debris from bulbs
• Install, repair or replace bulbs in any brand fixture
• For leveling fixtures and transformers
• Cleanly strip wires with one easy motion
• Verify all tools are in home position prior to closing L-tool and storing in pouch
• L-tool not for use as a pry tool



1. Wire Stripper
2. Wire Cutter
3. Wire Puller
4. Pliers
5. Cross Bit Screwdriver
6. Small Flat Head Screwdriver
7. Large Flat Head Screwdriver
8. 5/32 Hex Key
9. 5/64 Hex Key
10. 3mm Hex Key
11. Scribe
12. Brush & Tube Brush
13. Level
14. Ruler
15. Saw
16. Lift Tool
17. Knife
18. Tape Roll Holder (on pouch)


46700 - L-tool (Lighting Multi-tool) & Carrying Case, 1 pc. Card

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