Shock Alert®

Detects and Locates Electrical Voltage Gradients in Water

What is Shock Alert?

Shock Alert is a device used to detect the presence of electrical voltage gradients in water that may be hazardous to service personnel, swimmers, or anyone that comes into contact with that body of water. It also may be used to locate the source of voltage in water.

What is Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)?

Water can become electrified at any time. Pools and docks are surrounded by lights, pumps, boat lifts, etc. Faulty wiring, failed GFCI’s, or stray voltage can introduce electricity to the water. When this low level AC current passes through the body with enough force to cause paralysis, THIS CAN RESULT IN DROWNING – Electric Shock Drowning.


Where Should I Use Shock Alert?

• Fresh or chlorinated water            
• Salt water pools    
• Concrete, gunite and vinyl lined pools        
• Pools, around docks, or in fountains/water features    
• Due to the insulating effects, Shock Alert is not for use in fiberglass pools and hot tubs

When to use Shock Alert?

• Check when servicing pool  
• Check after installation  
• Check after winterization/opening pool            
• Check after renovations       
• When conducting pool or water feature inspections    
• If your customer has reported feeling a tingling feeling in his/her pool, dock or water feature
• Any time an electrical device is installed, serviced, changed or removed


42505 - Shock Alert, 1 Unit

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