SwitchBlade PRO Cutter

Professional Pipe Cutter with PTFE Coated Blade


  • Blades are laser cut, sharpened, and PTFE coated in the USA out of US Carbon Steel for unmatched cutting quality
  • Comfort fit handle designed to conform to the contour of your hand
  • Quick release blade, simple push button blade release allows for the fastest blade swap on the market
  • Available with PTFE coated blade or stainless steel blade
  • Replacement blades are available in single packs or 10 pack cartridges with magnetic backing
  • 10 pack dispenser with magnetic backing



SB5000 - Switchblade PRO  Card of 1
SB5000SS - Switchblade PRO with Stainless Steel Blade  Card of 1
BL5001 - PTFE Coated Replacement Blade  Card of 1
BL5001SS - Stainless Steel Replacement Blade  Card of 1
BL5010 - PTFE Coated Replacement Blades  Pack of 10
BL5010SS - Stainless Steel Replacement Blades  Pack of 10

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