Blazing Fast Fittings

Slips easily into pipe! No tools, clamps or extra fittings.


  • Max Operating Pressure: 80 PSI for #80 pipe; 100 PSI for #100 pipe; 160 PSI for #160 pipe
  • Suggested Operating Pressure: 10-80 PSI
  • Burst Pressure: Exceeds 450 PSI (This product is not intended to be used on Main Lines or under constant pressure)
  • Body Material: ABS
  • Lock Ring Material: Proprietary
  • O-Ring Material: EPDM
  • Flow Rates are comparable to traditional insert fittings
  • Friction Loss is comparable to traditional insert fittings


BLZ1401-010 - 1" x 1" x 1" Insert Tee  Bag of 25
BLZ1401-129 - 1" x 1" x Swing Pipe Barb Tee  Bag of 25
BLZ1402-130 - 1" x 1" x 1/2"  FPT Tee  Bag of 25
BLZ1406-010 - 1" x 1" Insert Elbow  Bag of 25
BLZ1407-130 - 1" x 1/2" FPT Insert Elbow  Bag of 25
BLZ1429-099 - 3/4" x Swing Pipe Barb End of Line  Bag of 25
BLZ1429-010 - 1" x 1" Insert Coupler  Bag of 25
BLZ1429-129 - 1" x Swing Pipe Barb End of Line  Bag of 25
BLZ1429-130 - 1" Poly Insert x 17mm Drip Pipe Fitting  Bag of 25
BLZ1436-010 - 1" x 1" MPT Insert Male Adapter  Bag of 25
BLZPSC-010 - 1" x 1" Insert Poly Stretch Coupler  Bag of 25
EL1009 - 1" x Swing Pipe Barb End of Line  Bag of 25
BLZ100 - 1" x Many Insert Fitting  Bag of 25
SBDC1 - Spiral Barb x 17mm Drip Coupling  Bag of 25

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How should I send in my order?

We accept orders via phone (800) 633-0232, fax (636) 519-5410, or email ( If you are interested in ordering via EDI, please contact customer service for additional information.

Where can I buy King Innovation products?

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I have a technical question about my specific application and would like to speak to an engineer. How should I proceed?

You may speak with an engineer directly by calling the Engineering Hotline at (877) 771-8885. Hours of operation M-F 7:00am-4:30pm CST.

I'm interested in becoming a distributor of King Innovation products. What steps do I need to take?

Please contact the Sales Manager for your area for more information on becoming a King Innovation distributor:

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