King Grips®

For Pulling PVC and Poly Pipe


  • Quick coupling and release saves time
  • No steel splinters
  • Fits all pipe pulling equipment
  • Plated for rust prevention
  • No tape required
  • Available in a convenient kit
  • For 3/4" to 2" Polyethylene Pipe and 3/4" to 4" PVC Pipe
  • Durable, closed-end design protects pipe from soil entry
  • Minimum pipe grip eliminates wasted pipe material


81801 - 1" PVC Kit Grip and Chain, 1pc. Bag
81802 - 1" 80# Poly Kit Grip and Chain, 1pc. Bag
81801 - 1" 100# Poly Kit Grip and Chain, 1pc. Bag
*See Specification Sheet (below) or Price List for a complete list of available SKU's

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