I-tool 2.0

Irrigation Multi-Tool


16 tools, includes 6 Irrigation Tools
• Compatible with all major brands
• Punch precise holes in poly
• Quickly remove sediment
• Effortlessly adjust arc
• Pull up any brand sprinkler head
• Lightweight compact style
• Precise construction
• Withstands extended use
• Carrying case included


Standard Tools
1. Needle-nose Pliers
2. Regular Pliers
3. Wire Cutters
4. Hard-wire Cutters
5. Wire Stripper
6. Large Blade Screwdriver
7. CR7 Knife Blade
8. Saw
9. Ruler (2 inch/5 cm)10. #2 Cross Screwdriver

Irrigation Specific Tools
11. Nozzle Tool/Radius Adjustment Tool
12. Small Blade Screwdriver
13. Debris Cleanout Tool
14. Rotor Pull-Up/Arc Adjustment Key
15. Sprinkler Pull-Up Tool  
16. 1/8” & 3/16” Drip Punch



46600 - I-tool 2.0 & Carrying Case, 1pc. Card

46601 - I-tool 2.0 Replacement Case, 1pc. Card

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