Frequently Asked Questions


What torque screwdriver should I use to install AlumiConn and where can I get one?

To install AlumiConn using the UL approved installation method, a torque screwdriver with a #5 slotted bit should be used. King Innovation does not sell these tools, but below please find some recommended items:

CDI 401SM Torque 1/4" Female Hex Drive

Klein Tools Torque Screwdriver

Wiha Tools Torque Screwdriver (Model #28504)

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.


How should I send in my order?

King Innovation sells through distribution. If you are a reseller or are already set up as a distributor of King Innovation products, we accept orders via email (customer.service@ecmindustries.com) or fax (262) 649-7178. If you are interested in ordering via EDI, please contact customer service for additional information. King Innovation Customer Service now operates out of our corporate headquarters -- ECM Industries. 

You may contact us with questions at (800) 624-4320 or at customer.service@ecmindustries.com

Where can I buy King Innovation products?

King Innovation sells through distribution. If you are not a reseller but wish to purchase King Innovation products, please visit the Where to Buy page of our website for more information. If you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 800-633-0232 or customerservice-king@ecmindustries.com

What time do I need to have my order in for it to ship the same day?

All orders received before 3:00pm CST will ship same day. If your order is not able to ship same-day you will be notified of the change and provided with a projected ship date.

What are the company hours of operation?

Company hours are Mon.-Thurs. 8:00am–6:00pm and Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm CST. The company will periodically be closed due to holidays or inclement weather. If this is the case a notice will be available on our website or via phone.

Who is the local Sales Representative in my area?

Please contact customer service for information regarding local Sales Representatives.

I'm interested in becoming a distributor of King Innovation products. What steps do I need to take?

Please contact the Sales Manager for your area for more information on becoming a King Innovation distributor:

Western Region US: Doug Schutt, doug.schutt@ecmindustries.com

Central Region US: Paul James, (636) 519-5400 ext. 468, paul.james@ecmindustries.com

Eastern Region US: Nate Burns, (636) 519-5400 ext. 467, nate.burns@ecmindustries.com

International: Nate Burns, (636) 519-5400 ext. 467, nate.burns@ecmindustries.com

If you are not sure who of the above individuals to contact, please contact customer service and they will be happy to get you in touch with the appropriate sales manager.

I am a contractor who uses King products. Can I buy from you directly?

Unfortunately we only sell through distribution and cannot sell directly to contractors or DIY. Please visit our Where to Buy page to locate a distributor near you.

I know I need a wire connector, but I'm not sure which one. How do I decide?

Please contact customer service for additional information as to which connector is best for you. Please have the answers to the following questions ready:

  • What is your application?
  • Do you require a waterproof connector?
  • What size/type of wire are you using?

I requested a sample on your website, but I never received my item. Can you help?

All samples are mailed out within one (1) week of receipt. Please check to ensure you received a follow-up email after submitting your sample request. If you did not receive this email, please re-submit your request online. If you did receive the email and still have not received your samples, please contact customer service for additional support.

DryConn® Waterproof Wire Connectors

What voltage are the Black Series & Aqua Series connectors approved for?

The DryConn Black Series wire connectors are approved for 600V.

Are DryConn Black Series & Aqua Series Connectors UL Listed?

Yes, the DryConn Black Series and Aqua Series Wire Connectors are UL Listed.

Are the DryConn waterproof connectors submersible under water?

DryConn® waterproof wire connectors are approved for temporary submersion. This means they may be submersed under water, but are not approved for applications where they will be permanently submersed.


Where can I buy Leak-B-Gone?

Currently Leak-B-Gone may only be purcahsed through online vendors. Please visit one of the below Leak-B-Gone suppliers to make a purchase:

Home Depot

Sprinkler Warehouse


HomElectrical - Leak-B-Gone Distrubutor

For additional questions regarding Leak-B-Gone, please contact the King Innovation Customer Service Team.

Merchandising/POP Display Items

How do I order display items for my store?

You may put merchandising items on any order along with your products or as an order by itself. Merchandising SKU numbers begin with RET and can be found in the Product Guide and Price List.

Will King Innovation create a specialty display item to fit in my store?

We are open and excited to hear your ideas! All specific requests for POP/display items will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact your Sales Manager to discuss your idea. If you are not sure who your King Innovation Sales Manager is, please contact Customer Service