DryConn KSC (King Shrink Crimp) Connectors

Crimp Style Wire Connector with Waterproof Sleeve


  • For use in low voltage lighting applications
  • Crimp style connector with waterproof heat shrink
  • Manufacturer approved for direct bury
  • Four sizes available for applications from Min #18 - Max #8
  • King Krimper™ crimping tool also available


Max. Voltage: 125 Volts           
Wire Type: For use with Stranded wire only
Wire Range:
KSC-1 Extra Small: Min #22 / Max #16
KSC-2 Small: Min #18 / Max #12
KSC-3 Medium: Min #18 / Max #8
KSC-4 Large: Min #18 / Max #8 


72010 - KSC-1 (Extra Small), 20pc. Bag
72020 - KSC-2 (Small), 20pc. Bag
72030 - KSC-3 (Medium), 20pc. Bag
72040 - KSC-4 (Large), 8pc. Bag

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