SnapTap PRO®

For 80 and 100 lb. 1” 3408 / 3608 HDPE Pipe
For 100 and 125 lb. 1” 4710 HDPE Pipe


  • Tap is threaded to handle 90° Elbow,                            
  • Straight Barb, or appropriate sprinkler heads
  • Ergonomic hurricane handle to cushion fingers and provide maximum comfort
  • Superior strength patented "cutting tip" cleanly cuts polyethylene pipe for a tight seal every time
  • Push-on saddle for the fastest installation possible


22710 - 1" Saddle w/ 1/2" FPT Tap, 25pc. Bag
22715 - 1" Saddle w/90° Elbow, 25pc. Bag
22720 - 1" Saddle w/Straight Barb, 25pc. Bag


SnapTap PRO®

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