• 3' Power Cord/Pigtail

    3' Power Cord/Pigtail

    - See more at: http://www.kinginnovation.com/category-pages/accessories-landing.php#sthash.bkDWdZVO.dpuf

    16/3, Straight Plug

  • 6' Power Cord/Pigtail

    6' Power Cord/Pigtail

    16/3, Straight Plug

  • 6' Power Cord/Pigtail

    6' Power Cord/Pigtail

    16/3, 90° Plug

  • 65' Steel Fish Tape

    65' Steel Fish Tape

    Great for fishing wire through conduit

  • 8' Power Cord/Pigtail

    8' Power Cord/Pigtail

    16/3, 90° Plug

  • Alligator Clips

    Alligator Clips

    Fully insulated

  • Anchor Kits

    Anchor Kits

    Anchor and Drywall Anchor Kits

  • Assorted Electrical Tape

    Assorted Electrical Tape

    Use for marking and coding wires

  • Black Cable Ties

    Black Cable Ties

    UV Resistant Cable Ties 

  • Black Liquid Electrical Tape

    Black Liquid Electrical Tape

    Will not unravel or deteriorate like traditional tape

  • Blazing BMW12

    Blazing BMW12

    Measuring Wheel

  • Blue Tote Tray

    Blue Tote Tray

    Store & Transport Supplies

  • Buckets, Lid and Divider
  • Cable Boss

    Cable Boss

    Multipurpose Staple Gun

  • Cable Clamps

    Cable Clamps

    Durable, crack-resistant plastic

  • Cable Wraptor

    Cable Wraptor

    Stainless steel hinge and spring to prevent rusting

  • Clamp Meter

    Clamp Meter

    Precise True RMS Circuitry

  • Coaxial Staples

    Coaxial Staples

    Low Voltage Coaxial Cable Staples

  • Digital Multimeter

    Digital Multimeter

    Compact and lightweight

  • Digital Multimeter 2

    Digital Multimeter 2

    7 Function Digital Multimeter

  • Digital Multimeter 3

    Digital Multimeter 3

    8 Function AC/DC Digital Multimeter

  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

    Conforms well to irregular spaces

  • Electrical Tape

    Electrical Tape

    Use as a protective outer jacket over splices

  • Hanger Strap

    Hanger Strap

    For hanging or fastening conduit, pipe or cables

  • Insulated Safety Staples

    Insulated Safety Staples

    Reduces risk of electrical fires

  • Insulated Staples

    Insulated Staples

    Steel construction provides strength

  • IrriMeter™


    Irrigation Smart Multi-Meter

  • KING 24 & 24K

    KING 24 & 24K

    Irrigation Tester & Probe Combo Kit

  • KING 521

    KING 521

    Wire & Valve Locating System

  • KING 900

    KING 900

    Advanced Digital Cable, Wire & Valve Locating System

  • KING 95

    KING 95

    Milliamp Clamp Meter

  • Low Voltage Tester

    Low Voltage Tester

    Electrical Tester

  • Metal Staples

    Metal Staples

    Made from steel for strength

  • Mini Cable Snake

    Mini Cable Snake

    High-impact housing resists breaking

  • Mini-Torch


    Perfect for use with heat shrink wire connectors

  • Non-Contact Voltage Detector

    Non-Contact Voltage Detector

    Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Flashlight

  • Nylon Cable Ties

    Nylon Cable Ties

    Self-locking, one-piece, low profile head conserves space

  • Outlet Tester with Stud Finder

    Outlet Tester with Stud Finder

    Scans and locates wood or metal studs

  • Pipe Wrap Tape

    Pipe Wrap Tape

    Stretchable, strong adhesive

  • Plastic Conduit Strap

    Plastic Conduit Strap

    Will not corrode like metal straps

  • Plastic Electrical Staples

    Plastic Electrical Staples

    Polyethylene saddles will not rust, rot or deteriorate

  • PTFE Thread Tape

    PTFE Thread Tape

    Creates a watertight seal around threaded pipe joints

  • Repair Tape

    Repair Tape

    A quick fix during emergency repairs

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Self-locking ball mechanism

  • Stop Shock II

    Stop Shock II

    GFCI Outlet Circuit Analyzer Tester

  • Storage Organizers

    Storage Organizers

    Bucket & Trays for Organization

  • Strain Relief Cord Grip

    Strain Relief Cord Grip

    Power Cord Strain Relief Cord Grip

  • ToneProbe


    Tone and Probe Wire Cable Tracing Kit

  • TreeLight Mount™

    TreeLight Mount™

    Great for creating a downlight effect in trees

  • U-Phase™ Wire Markers

    U-Phase™ Wire Markers

    Assorted Wire Markers

  • Underground UF Splice Kit

    Underground UF Splice Kit

    Accommodates waterproof splicing

  • UPC Pipe Wrap Tape

    UPC Pipe Wrap Tape

    Stretchable, strong adhesive

  • UVB Cable Clamps

    UVB Cable Clamps

    Tough, durable, and extremely lightweight

  • Voltage Detector

    Voltage Detector

    Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Detector

  • Wire Marker Booklet 0-9

    Wire Marker Booklet 0-9

    Pocket-sized booklets of cloth

  • Wire Marker Booklet, 0-15, A-Z

    Wire Marker Booklet, 0-15, A-Z

    Pocket-sized booklets of cloth
    A-Z, 0-15, Symbols

  • Wire Markers

    Wire Markers

    Easy to Use and Refill

  • Xtreme Cable Ties

    Xtreme Cable Ties

    Designed to perform in harsh environments